Tortilla a la Bouquet…..

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Master Chef is by far my favourite TV show, my enthusiasm for its return at the end of each series only wanes when The Apprentice is on but it never hits the same spot. I talk a lot about Master Chef with a foodie colleague at work who seeing my enthusiasm for the program (and having tasted my food!) went so far as to print out the application form for me to apply for the next series. Gosh!

His faith in my ability was definitely inspiring but the application form, I’m afraid to say, found its way into the recycling bin because put simply I have no plans to jack this in & become a chef. The thing is, the question I get asked the most is actually about food…. and what wine to drink with it, of course. This always surprises me because when I’m not on duty, wine has been known to come out before food gets a look in.

If I were to pick one little hole in the otherwise awesomeness of Master Chef it’s how they overlook the wine thing, which, considering the percentage of cash wine would bring into the aspiring chef’s restaurants, is surprising. Now I’m not expecting a call from the BBC any time soon but with this in mind I thought it might be worth putting down on screen a tried and tested food and wine pairing. Just to see what you think.

For a hearty meal with a summery twist try Tortilla a la Bouquet, it’s a crowd pleaser and it’s great for using up those left over vegetables when you’re sick of stir-fry. Moreover it goes great with a bottle of Rioja.

Wine choice: Muga Rioja Reserva 2007, £14.99 from The Coop; the spicy, new leather notes, sweet red fruits and herbal finish stand up well to the strong flavour of the chorizo and the richness of the eggs.

Tortilla a la Bouquet – serves 4 for lunch or 2 hungry people for dinner!

Half an onion (diced)
Half a green pepper (deseeded & diced)
Half a red pepper (deseeded & diced)
One small Chorizo, peel off the skin and chop into small squares
15 little new potatoes
5 eggs (medium or large)
Freshly ground black pepper
1 ½ tbsp. olive oil

Salad to serve (I like lambs lettuce, ripe little tomatoes, and beetroot served with a little balsamic)

* Crack the eggs into a large bowl, lightly beat, add black pepper to taste and place to one side
* Warm the olive oil in a large frying pan with a metal handle (not plastic) on a low-medium heat
* Throw the onion into the pan and fry for 2 or 3 minutes, add the pepper and fry together for a further 3-4 minutes or until lightly soft
* Slice the new potatoes into 2-3mm discs, slice with the longest side to the knife
* Take the pepper and onion out of the pan and put to one side, add the potato discs to the pan, and a splash of olive oil if needed and fry until very lightly brown on both sides
* Remove the potato discs and place to one side with the diced vegetables, allow them to cool
* Add the chorizo to the pan & cook for 3-4 mins, add a splash of olive oil if the pan looks dry
* When the vegetables are cool add them to the egg and stir well so everything is coated
* When the chorizo is cooked add the egg and vegetable mixture to the chorizo in the hot frying pan and lower the heat to a low setting
* Leave on for around 15 minutes to allow the tortilla to cook from the bottom up, check regularly that the mixture isn’t sticking. If it is, lower the heat further and try to ease the mixture away from the side of the pan
* Heat the grill to a medium heat (approx. 150 degrees C) and place the frying pan directly under to allow the top of the tortilla to cook, leave there for 6-8 minutes or until medium brown in colour

Serve immediately with salad on the side and your favourite TV show in the background.


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One Response to “Tortilla a la Bouquet…..”

  1. Charles says:

    And you said that you couldn’t win Masterchef! You never know till you give it a go! That recipe could win it:0)