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International Syrah Day, you say..??

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Matching wine with a national event of the week is fast becoming the default tool for uninspired wine writers. My favourite last month was national BBQ week, particularly irrelevant considering the weather, and my favourite next month has to be National Left Handers Month and European Bat Weekend. I kid you not!

The wine trade have got in on the act too, if it’s not International Grenache Day then its World Malbec Day, and what happened to National Wine Month?? Then there was Murray Mania and a football frenzy fortnight, the list goes on but the creativity does not. I’m as excited as any Londoner about London 2012 but as I brace myself for the onslaught of wine related sport articles to come, linking wine with The Games feels as obscure to me as the fast food giants sponsoring the greatest sporting event on earth. ………

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Drink Wine and Carry On….

Friday, June 8th, 2012

As the bunting comes down post-Jubilee I’m left with the same feeling of sadness and deflation I had two days after my wedding. The build up to the event, the outfits, the planning, the decorations now all gone and normality has replaced what was once excitement and anticipation.

Like the odd piece of confetti you uncover months after your big day I wonder where the last Union Jack will be left flying? If I wasn’t trying to move house I’d happily leave ours up until the end of the Olympics but in an uncharacteristically organised move Mr B has already got rid of it…..! It was an awesome weekend but on reflection I can’t decide whether it was the Queen herself, the sheer number of Union Jacks or the extra long weekend that moved me most. Luckily though my post celebration deflation doesn’t have to kick in yet as coincidently this week also happens to be English Wine Week!

Sales of English sparkling wine soared over the Jubilee celebrations, of course we can’t be sure whether it was Queenie or The Apprentice that can take the credit. ………

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Oddbins Wine Fair ticket giveaway….

Monday, May 21st, 2012

The little wine shop down the road closed last week. Wines of Distinction it was called, in Clapham. I do hope Mr B and I asking for wine for our wedding didn’t contribute to its failure, we haven’t bought a bottle for months….
Wines of Distinction isn’t the first to shut up shop and I doubt it will be the last but it marks a trend of the wider doom and gloom of the wine world which has seen the demise of several old favourites – Threshers, Unwins, Wine Rack, Nicolas, Oddbins. The good news is that a couple of them had enough brand value to be resurrected from the ashes. The best known and arguably the most loved of those is Oddbins. ………
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The Thinking Girls’ Wine Nights are launched!!

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Week nights in February:

The Thinking Girls’ Guide to Wine is a series of one off Wine Nights designed to quench your thirst for all things wine! Each night is wine-filled with everything a girl needs to know about wine, so leave your men, Dads and Uncle’s at home, its your turn to be passed the wine list!

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Miss Bouquet @ Home wine tastings….

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Tailor made wine tastings in the comfort of your own home for you, your friends, family or neighbours! For beginners to enthusiasts Miss Bouquet can liven up your evening with a range of wines to suit any budget, whatever the occasion….


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Wine-mare on Tooley Street….

Friday, October 16th, 2009

halloween1We’re still a couple of weeks away from Halloween but as I’ll be at a wedding (surprise surprise) on the ghostly night of the 31st Clarky kindly extended her invite to The London Dungeon’s Scare Witch Trials last night to me and Mrs H so I didn’t miss out. The promise of wine and canapes had me intrigued from the start; what spooky wine would the organisers choose to serve to their guests?

I dutifully arrived on time with my thirst at the ready and we were bustled into the ‘Horrifying Halloween Forest’ and subsequently the pitch black – I hadn’t prepared myself for a blind tasting! ………

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