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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I’m just back from Burgundy. I love it there; every time I go it makes me question why I live in London. I don’t know about you but there aren’t many places that make me do that or try to convince everyone I know to visit too.

It’s such a charming region of France: so picturesque, so preserved, so proud, so French, the food, the people, the city of Beaune…. the wine…. You may be wondering why in a wine column I haven’t put wine at the top of the list of things I love about Burgundy. It’s not because I don’t love les vins de Bourgogne, far from it, but take a little step above the ‘entry level’ Bourgogne blanc et rouge and it all starts to get a bit complicated, a bit pricey and it’s no secret that there’s not enough of each wine to go round!

That’s why the other aspects of Burgundy are so important when it comes to discovering the wines of the region. The more time you spend there the more difficult it becomes to quench your thirst with the entry level stuff and the more curious you become of the regions’ other wines. If you’re not following me take a trip to Beaune, pour le weekend, then you’ll know what I mean & you’ll be telling everyone about it too.

I find it similar with wine shops. Being recommended to visit one tends to go hand in hand with getting to know the people, building your confidence in the wines they sell and encouraging your thirst and enthusiasm to discover more of their range.

It’s very much like that at Last Drop Wines on the Kings Road where their ‘Sip-It’ Saturdays make it a difficult to resist occasion to stop by and get familiar with the owners and the wines on their shelves. Just like Burgundy, Last Drop Wines specialises in small parcels of good wine that come in finite quantities and unsurprisingly the more you visit the more you want to discover. Unlike Burgundy however they have a commitment to keeping their range varied, eclectic, affordable and constantly evolving…..

Here are two of their wines worth sipping on a Saturday. Get in there quick before the Last Drops have gone!

Painted Wolf Guillermo Pinotage 2009, Swartland, South Africa, £12.99
I’ve only found two pinotage wines worth sipping more than once and this is one of them. It’s lacking that Pinotage pong that I can’t stand and is full of the ripe spiced black cherry fruit, medium body and refreshing finish that I love. Mr B gave it the thumbs up too!

Chateau Rousseau De Sipian 2004, Medoc, Bordeaux, France, £12.99
Don’t be put off by the brown hue of this affordable bottle of red Bordeaux, instead embrace it for the Old School retro-ness that it is. It’s used leather, stewed red fruits and long, soft, vanillary characters make it a wintery treat good enough to sip on any day of the week!

This article has been published in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of The Notebook, Kensington & Chelsea.

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