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Friday, March 4th, 2011

Muscadet_TasteTheDifferenceProsecco_TasteTheDifferenceAs Mr B and I save up for our wedding it’s becoming increasingly obvious that our priorities have to change. Less eating out and more eating in, our patience is tested every time we turn on our creaking old lap tops and the snakeskin peep toes that are just what I’ve been looking for will never make it into my wardrobe. Not this season anyway. Luckily I’m not as much of a magpie as some of my friends so this temporary hold on all things new isn’t as painful as it may be for some. But whether you’re saving your pennies or not life’s too short to drink bad wine!

Unfortunately however where technology and fashion have become the fast moving goods of our generation when it comes to wine ‘old equals good’ is a reputation that’s proving difficult to shift. Something I’m reminded of every time I’m shown a dusty bottle of wine and asked if it’s worth anything. Remember, just because it’s been on the wine rack longer than time itself does not mean you can take it to auction and give up your day job. Save yourself some time and space by moving it to the condiment cupboard and placing it next to the vinegar.

There are of course hundreds of amazing vintage wines that sell for more than I earn in a month but for everyday drinking ‘young equals good’ is what you need to remember and at this time of year there’s a glut of new vintages being released that are young and fresh, designed to drink now and will give you just as much of a thrill as buying the latest gadget ever could.

Two such wines are Muscadet Sevre et Maine and Beaujolais-Villages. Both are appellations working hard to woo back love lost with the rise in popularity of new world wines and whose reputation works in favour of your wallet. Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur lie 2009 (£6.49) and Beaujolais-Villages 2009 (£5.99) both from the Taste the Difference range at Sainsbury’s are two good reasons to spring clean your wine rack. The Muscadet is delicate and light with lemon skin and apple aromas on the nose, green melon and fresh pear flavours with a natural spritz on the tongue indicative of its youthfulness sans doute. While the Beaujolais-Villages is mellow heaven, ripe red cherries and aromatic violet followed by juicy fruit compot and banana skins on the palate and dangerously moreish silky tannins. Serve both lightly chilled.

Miss Bouquet’s top tip:.
The 2010 vintage from northern hemisphere wine lands is creeping onto the shelves this month, drink them now to experience all the youthful aromas and fragrances that will only tire with time. Prosecco is the perfect example of a wine that has to be drunk young but when you buy a non-vintage (NV) bottle you can never be too sure how long it’s been knocking around for so look out for Conegliano Prosecco Superiore Brut 2010 (£9.99) also from Taste the Difference at Sainsbury’s, they recommend you drink it within a year, but if you ask me there’s no time like the present!

This article has been published in the March 2011 issue of The Notebook Magazine, Kensington & Chelsea.

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